Thank you, ESCO

The idea of hiking the CDT was born out of an unfortunate event.  On November 17 my position at ESCO was eliminated.  I worked there for 11 years and had the privilege of working alongside some fine people on five continents. 
A few days later, my lovely wife Cindy suggested I hike the CDT!  Good call, Cindy.  Better yet, ESCO trusted my integrity enough to invite me back for three more months as a temporary employee. 


The work, and the pay, helped pay for my gear, food and expenses while I will be on the trail.  Thank you, ESCO, and the many hard working people who I had to say goodbye, or happy trails, to. 

One thought on “Thank you, ESCO

  1. Good luck Roger!

    As you know I too understand the desire to hike long trials and being laid-off is the perfect chance, having done just that last year.

    We all wish you the best and we hope that your trip will go smoothly.

    Papa Raven
    Mama Raven
    Little Crow

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