Living the Dream

For me, hiking the CDT is not it.  Instead, having my lovely wife, Cindy, in my life is the dream worth living!  Her contributions to this 2,800 mile journey are immeasurable.  Cindy is home providing my logistical support and taking care of everything at home.  In fact, the choice to hike the trail in 2016 (rather than wait for retirement a few years from now) was Cindy’s idea.  And a great idea! 

Above: Cindy in Vienna

Cindy other contributions to my journey are significant.  Some of my key gear items were gifts to me (GPS, trekking poles, tent used in Colorado, jacket, sweater).  Cindy is mailing supply boxes to my stops along the route, sometimes adding delicious treats, going to stores for additional items I need shipped, and reading my InReach messages from camp each evening (for assurance I am still alive…yes, it is very nice knowing someone at home is concerned about me).  Best of all, I eat Cindy’s delicious homemade granola every morning on the trail.  Her granola is my favorite food on the CDT! 

Aside from Cindy’s support while I am on this adventure, let me just say that I “married up” to someone smarter and more thoughtful than I am.  Hiking the CDT is just an adventure…marrying Cindy in 2008 was the best decision.

On July 6 Cindy and I will celebrate our eight year wedding anniversary, although we will be miles apart and “camped” at vastly different elevations (Cindy at 470 feet above sea level in Portland; me at 12000 feet in the Rocky Mountains).  We will have a reunion on July 8, when Cindy comes to Colorado to meet me at Berthoud Pass near Winter Park.  I can’t wait!
Above: Cindy in Munich

Link to my InReach tracking map (see where I have hiked, updated hLourly):

6 thoughts on “Living the Dream

  1. You are both lucky, or should I say blessed, to have each other. The love and support you show demonstrates that being together makes you both better stronger people – a synergistic effect. I love that you travel together on trips and yet can go on your own adventures, making your own dreams come true.

  2. It is nice to hear how well you speak of Cindy and she you. I think you are both lucky to find each other. You won Brownie points from both of us. Happy Anniversary to you both. Marian/ Bob

  3. Roger: I sensed when you met and dated Cindy, you were bringing your A game to your life. No argument here that you married up when you married Cindy. Congratulations to you both on your 8th wedding anniversary.

  4. This is a very nice post, Roger. Congratulations to you and Cindy for eight happy years of marriage.
    Hiking is a great time to think about all of our gratefuls.


  5. I am in tears. This blog post is the best anniversary gift you could give me. We could argue about which of us “married up” but maybe we both did in our own ways. What you are doing right now is amazing to me and I am proud to be your support, not just for your CDT journey but for all the days of your life, as you are for mine. I love you, Sweetie! Six days to Berthoud Pass! Yahoo!

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