CDT August 12-15: Pinedale to Togwotee Pass, WY

WALKING WITH GRIZZLIES IN THE WIND RIVERS.  The Wind River Range is a lovely place to hike, and I was fortunate to enjoy the megestic scenery without any uncomfortable encounters with a griz. As I hiked I paid close attention to my ailing knee while managing to hike 20+ mile days three days in a row. It was not the pace I originally planned for, but not everything on a 2700-mile hike can go perfectly. Now, it’s about taking each day at a time and enjoying the Rocky Mountains, the Wind Rivera and Yellowstone.

This post needs to be brief, and here are some of my favorite photos of the portion of trail between Pinedale and the Togwatee Pass area, where I got a ride to the little town of Dubois.






10 thoughts on “CDT August 12-15: Pinedale to Togwotee Pass, WY

  1. Hi Roger. We will be camping at Red Rock Pass (MT-ID border) over Labor Day weekend. Any chance of crossing paths around that time?

    • What a coincidence, Noah! I am walking Red Rock Road this very minute! I think I am heading toward the pass tomorrow, August 26. So I might miss you by a week or so. I expect to arrive in Lima, MT on Saturday, August 27.

  2. Hi Roger
    Beautiful scenery, glad you have not encountered the Bears as yet. I remembered asking the question before you left on your trip. “What If”. Frankly I can’t remember your answer. Just glad to hear from you. Marian/Bob OO

  3. Roger, you are starting to look like a grizzly with the hair and the beard! The bears will just run away! But seriously, I hope your knee can recover a bit so you will feel better on the trail. Great pictures! Lovely country. POR!

  4. Hi, Roger.
    One day at a time is a good plan. That works for a lot of things in life. I know it works for me.
    Take care of yourself (your knee) and everything else will come together.
    Stay safe.


  5. Hey, looks like someone lost a hiking pole. Did you find anything else “left behind”?
    Onward to the Yellowstone caldera.

  6. You are looking very “mountain man”. Weren’t all those different types of lakes in the Winds wonderful. I remember that each one I passed seemed to have an entirely different look and beauty.
    Now you are really into Grizzly country. Watch out in meadows and high brush. Please make a lot of noise!!! No more sleeping with your food. I used to hang mine at least 1/4 mile away. I scared them away with my terrible singing

  7. Beautiful pictures of the Winds. Glad your knee is cooperating. You’ll make it!

  8. The Bear track was impressive. Glad you have been avoiding them and the scenery is just amazing. Sending all good thoughts to you and healing vibes for your knee.

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