CDT August 23-27: Yellowstone to Idaho and Montana borders

ENTERING THE FINAL STATE, MONTANA. I left Yellowstone on August 23 along very easy-going trail, but through a large burned area. Before leaving the National Park, however, I crossed the state line between Wyoming and Idaho, a state which the CDT merely straddles with Montana. Wyoming was very good to me. I entered the state with my injured knee a huge concern, and the mellow trails allowed the pain to subside, at least temporarily. I passed by the border with a slight expression of satisfaction, more interested in making more miles that day.


While at the Sawtelle RV park overnight I decided to take an alternate route to the next resupply town, Lima, Montana. This allowed me to get to Lima in less time with less wear and tear on me. Along the way, in the Centennial Valley, I hiked over Red Rock Pass and across the border to Montana early morning on August 26.

My choice of the alternate route was a good one. The valley featured Red Rock Wildlife Refuge, lovely ranches, birds of prey, and other wildlife such as the first fox I saw on the entire hike. I still had to be “bear aware”, the same as if I was hiking the divide 2+ miles to the south and 2000 feet higher.




I plan on taking another alternate route about five days after departing Lima. The goal is to move up my arrival in Glacier National Park in late September to avoid the possibilities of cold, snowy weather and closed or limited route options through Glacier National Park. This will involve some backroad and highway walking between Lemhi Pass (the important Lewis and Clark Expedition milestone) and Anaconda. Regardless of the route choices, GREG IN WILD HIKES ON!


8 thoughts on “CDT August 23-27: Yellowstone to Idaho and Montana borders

  1. All summer long I’ve been humming and singing (though I am certainly no Marie Osmond),
    “Won’t you meet me in Montana
    I want to see the mountains
    In your eyes
    Oh! Oh! I’ve had all of this life I can handle
    Meet me underneath that big Montana sky”
    For me, the “all of this life I can handle” means life without you beside me. But now that you are in the state, our reunion under that big Montana sky is drawing near! Just keep on walkin’ Sweetie! I’m so proud of you!

  2. You are planning very well. Spirits are lifting and you are making good time. Just start really thinking of what you have already accomplished . Amazing!!! Warm regards Bob/Marian

  3. I admire your ability to manage this hike. You are always thinking ahead and making sound decisions. This, I would guess, comes from years of experience and knowing oneself as you do. I would hike with you anywhere!

    • I have 690 miles to go, after deducting the miles saved with my Anaconda super cutoff! Many miles…

  4. Hi Greg/Roger.
    Congratulation on your wonderful journey through that area and thank you for the great pictures. You look happy and healthy. Keep on trucking, you are almost there.My best wishes are with you

  5. Sounds like your knee is behaving and you look and sound very upbeat. The summer has gone by so quickly that I guess thoughts of snow in Glacier NP are necessary. Keep up the good work!

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