CDT Sept 12-26: Helena to East Glacier Park, Montana

Upon leaving the wonderful city of Helena I spent 14 days hiking 237 miles before reaching East Glacier Park., the last town and resupply point.  The CDT crosses Macdonald Pass along a highway, where it had snowed the previous day when I enjoyed a zero day in Helena. 


The route passed through Scapegoat Wilderness where fierce 60 mph blew across the Continental Divide, and did toss me off my feet once.

I picked up my parcel mid-way to East Glacier at the Benchmark Wilderness Ranch, where I pitched my tent on the porch in case of rain.

Yes, rain was in the forecast, and it did eventually rain in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, where I struggled to find a suitable camp late one evening. Thankfully, the rain stopped early the next morning and it did not rain or snow very much all the way to East Glacier.

Bob Marshall Wilderness, a haven for hunters, horses and grizzly bear. The route passed through dense forest and made me feel at home in the Pacific Northwest. Bear grass sprouted high nearly everywhere, just like the PCT.

Nearing Glacier NP was wonderful because it is the last hurdle before Canada.

I will write more and post more photos once I reach Canada. I am feeling healthy and optimistic. The weather for the final six days of hiking look very good. And my lovely wife Cindy is here to support me in East Glacier Park. My friends Footprint and Stormrunner will join me for the last section to the border.


19 thoughts on “CDT Sept 12-26: Helena to East Glacier Park, Montana

  1. Bragging rights: I know this incredible 62-year-old guy who hiked the entire length of the CDT with a bum knee and broken toes and he did his own route-finding and bear wrestling and never considered giving up no matter what the trail and the weather threw at him. I’m not making that up… I know this guy; he’s my friend.

  2. Aunt Besse would be proud, as I think she was the one who called you Rogers. You are almost there. You sound very up beat! Press on, Greg-in-Wild!

  3. Three cheers for you Roger. What a journey you have had. Looking forward to seeing you one of these days at the Dragon Fly. Cindy must be so proud of you. Warm regards.
    Bob and Marian

  4. The last leg of your journey is here! What a great adventure! Well planned and executed, this trip will provide memories to you and Cindy for the rest of your lives! Truly a team effort by two great people!
    Your friend in Iowa,

  5. They should change the CDT pass name from “Rogers pass” to “Greg in Wild pass”!

    Good luck and enjoy your final steps to Canada… thin Bro!

  6. This is most incredible. You will be reaching your destiny soon. Congrats!

  7. Whew! Roger, I’ve enjoyed your trip without having to suffer your labors. It’s all about persistence, isn’t it?

  8. Roger, did you get your baked goods from Erin and Lucy of the Dragonfly? Erin told me she sent it to one of your recent trading posts.

    Proud of you man. Just in time for MLB post season.

    • Tony, I was so happy to see the date bars and cookies handed to me at the East Glacier PO. I inhaled them upon arrival with Cindy’s help. Please thank Eric and Lucy for me. We will come to Dragonfly soon after getting back to Portland.

      • Thanked Erin who lit up and told me to go into the kitchen to tell Lucy. They were thrilled to hear it. They’d heard that you’d moved on before the care package arrived, so they thought all for not. Erin said this news made her day!

  9. Oh my goodness!!!
    Enjoy every last second of the trip through the park to the border.
    What a journey!!! Still cheering for you.

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