Living the Dream

For me, hiking the CDT is not it.  Instead, having my lovely wife, Cindy, in my life is the dream worth living!  Her contributions to this 2,800 mile journey are immeasurable.  Cindy is home providing my logistical support and taking care of everything at home.  In fact, the choice to hike the trail in 2016 (rather than wait for retirement a few years from now) was Cindy’s idea.  And a great idea! 

Above: Cindy in Vienna

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Dedicating my hike to Jim and David

I very fortunate to have good health and strength at my age (62) to even consider a 2,800 mile hike. I do not take my health and sense of well-being for granted. After careful thinking, I chose a main theme of my thru-hike: gratitude and hope.  With that theme in mind, I dedicate my efforts on the CDT to my brother Jim Carpenter and friend David DiCesare. Two small tags representing Jim and David will hang on my backpack from the southern terminus of the CDT, up north into Glacier National Park and Canada. Continue reading