Welcome to Roger Carpenter’s (Greg In Wild) website! I want to share my experience of hiking the Continental Divide Trail in 2016. The opportunity to hike the CDT in 2016 was unexpected, as I found myself looking for new job opportunities in November 2015. Instead, I realized the best opportunity was to thru-hike the CDT now instead of waiting until 2019. I am thrilled to have the CDT in my near future.  I plan to start the thru-hike on April 18, 2016, when I will be joined at the Mexico border by several friends.

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I also feel very fortunate to have good health and strength at my age (61) to even consider such an undertaking. I do not take my well-being for granted. I recently lost a close friend of 36 years, David DiCesare, to a rare form of leukemia. David and his wonderful wife Lynn were with me on my first backpacking trip in the Olympic National Park. Additionally, my brother Jim was recently and successfully treated for Lymphoma. I first heard of Jim’s illness in September 2015 while on a seven day hike on the CDT in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. To honor David’s life and hope for continuing health for Jim, I am dedicating my hike to these two men. I will carry a memento of both from the Crazy Cook Monument, the southern terminus of the CDT, up north into Glacier National Park and Canada.

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Roger Carpenter (Greg in Wild)